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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Weather in KELOLAND has forced many of us to look for activities to do indoors. 

One activity you may want to test out is an infrared sauna. 

Dennis Timmerman regularly works out so he’s no stranger to sore muscles. To give his muscles a break he uses an infrared sauna.

“It relieves sore muscles but it’s really nice before a work out as well to kind of warm up. So it kind of goes both ways,” Timmerman said. 

In addition to getting relief, Timmerman says relaxing in warm sauna is great during the chilly weather in KELOLAND. 

“The sweating, especially now, winter in South Dakota you know it’s kind of hard to come by that,” Timmerman said. 

“People love to get in and feel that warmth again. Seasonal depression is a real thing and it definitely helps. Even if it’s not sunshine or UV lights, it definitely helps,” Owner of Escape Float Spa Korey Kyle said. 

Kyle says unlike a typical sauna the infrared sauna produces dry heat. 

“Instead of using like the traditional rocks to heat up the air and the moisture in the air it heats up, it uses infrared heat waves heating up your core temperature,” Kyle said. 

In addition to sore muscle relief and relaxation, he says the sauna offers immune boosting effects, improved circulation, and even some anti-aging benefits. 

“It’s really good for you skin collagen as well. I know people are always looking for skin care and trying the anti-aging effects so it’s really good for that as well,” Kyle said. 

And with your blood flowing, he says you can expect to burn about 400 calories in one session, without even lifting a finger. 
Pairing an infrared sauna session with a float pod session will compliment your overall detox. 

“It’s got the blood circulating already and it’s already started the muscles relaxing as well so you can just step in the pod and really enjoy the full benefits of that as well,” Kyle said. 

Timmerman adds that even if you aren’t dealing with sore muscles, a little relaxation time is something we can all use. 

“That half hour 45 minutes to myself is pretty nice, pretty hard to come by. So, just the quiet is huge,” Timmerman said. 

To read more about the benefits of an infrared sauna, click here. 

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