FLANDREAU, S.D. (KELO) — After being in business for 92 years, a beloved bakery in Flandreau is closing its doors.

The door chime at the Flandreau Bakery rarely stopped Thursday as people grabbed last minute goodies before the beloved store closes.

In the back, you will find the Duncan brothers preparing baked goods — it’s a family business they have been a part of their whole lives. Their dad Mel Duncan started the bakery in 1930.

“His father called him, and he said the guy that was running the bakery then, he left town and gave him the key and wasn’t going to pay his bills,” Ed Duncan said.

Mel left college in 1929 to run the bakery. Ed and Don helped out while growing up.

“It’s pretty much been our whole lives. I’ve never married. Don’s got a family, so the bakery business, as far as what we’ve done with it, it kind of takes over your life,” Ed said.

After all these years, the Duncan’s are ready for a break.

“I’m 69 and Don’s 71. One day he said, ‘I’m not going to be working here next year.’ And I said, ‘that sounds good to me.’ Kind of at the end of the line for our baking business,'” Ed said.

Bakery shelves normally filled with cookies, doughnuts and rolls are found empty Thursday since so many people stopped to buy their favorite treats.

“I’d say it’s been at least twice, maybe three times what we normally would take in. It’s been a pretty successful week,” Ed said.

This bakery has been part of many people’s childhood, including Jackie Burggraff.

“I buy all my bread and everything every week here. Has no preservatives, so it’s the best bread around. I also take long johns out to Wisconsin to my relatives, and if I do not bring the long johns out, I am in big trouble,” she said.

Nick Wuebben’s girlfriend lived in the apartment above the bakery when she was little.

“This was always their favorite bakery, and we made many trips from Brookings down here just to get white bread or just a few doughnuts. So she heard it was going out of business and had me run down here today because she was at work and wasn’t able to make it,” Wuebben said.

And what’s next for Ed?

“I’ll put my feet up and let the blood rush back. We thought it was time to move on while we can both walk out of here,” he said.

The bakery’s last day open is Friday. The Duncan’s hope someone will buy the building and reopen the bakery.