SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sioux Falls’ first snowfall was seen this weekend. And while most of us were heading inside, some across the Sioux Falls area didn’t have the same option.

Kitchen Supervisor Logan Gilliland spent the afternoon preparing for a busy dinner rush at Union Gospel Mission.

“We’re looking at a serving approximately, I would say a good estimate would be 200 people per meal three times a day, seven days a week. And that’s just right now before we really get busy,” said Logan Gilliland, kitchen supervisor.

That’s in addition to serving the 120 residents that live in the men’s and women’s shelter. He says that number will increase as we head into winter.

“We’re gonna have more permanent residents under the building. So more people are, you know, as the weather gets worse, more people are coming in,” Gilliland said.

Resident James Olson says he noticed an increase in people staying this weekend.

“It gets so cold out and blankets, hoodies, you know, coats and all that; Those are great and they help tremendously but at the end of it, it doesn’t beat being inside of a building and being able to be warm,” said James Olson, resident.

As the temperatures continue to drop, Olson says it’s a blessing to have a warm place to stay.

“I’ve been in that situation prior to becoming a resident here. It’s scary when you’re out there, up and beyond what just happens, you know, being out there and being cold is scary. So when you can come in here and know that there’s a safe place,” Olson said.

The Union Gospel Mission is accepting donations of winter clothing and coats.