Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes of a funeral home? This weekend George Boom Funeral Home is opening their new facility to give anyone interested a tour!

We got a look at all the ways this new space is accommodating all of the community.

The funeral industry is changing. Even the decor is moving away from heavy curtains and low lights.

“When we started with this, I said we’re going to build this from the outside in. There’s going to be lots of windows. When people are sitting in chairs, they’re going to see trees,” said Phil Schmitz, George Boom Funeral Home Manager. 

The new George Boom Funeral Home on East 10th Street isn’t just about a fresh look. They’ve also taken a lot of steps to make the building suit different cultures and religions.

“If it’s their social norm, or even if it isn’t, they can come into this space and we will actually allow them to participate in starting the crematory,” said Schmitz.

The architecture of the building is also designed for their needs. Between the more somber upstairs service area and the celebration of life reception area downstairs there is 13 inches of concrete, so the two spaces don’t disrupt each other.

They’ve also brought in a lot of unique equipment.

In the Care Center there’s a lot of new technology in place to not only help the staff, but things like this lift actually help pick up people and still keep the respect deserved for the deceased. 

At the open house this weekend, Phil Schmitz hopes to show people their work is all about making families feel their loved one is being respected and given a personalized experience. Whether that be with a casket, a golf ball shaped urn, or using a Harley Hearse.

“We want everybody to feel welcome here, and to remember their loved ones accurately,” said Schmitz. 

The open house at George Boom will be from 1:00 to 5:00. It is open to the public. For anyone concerned, there will be no deceased individuals in the building during the event.