SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Friday was the third day of the annual Kingswood Rummage Sale. Each year, people are drawn to the western Sioux Falls neighborhood for bargains.

When buying things new gets expensive, some people turn to garage sales to find bargains.

“My son just had a baby so I’m a grandma for the first time, but I don’t honestly know how you would afford to clothe the baby. I mean, we got bottles; we got all kinds of stuff new in the box. I don’t know how you could afford to do that without garage sale-ing,” shopper Krisie Barron from Minnesota said.

At the annual Kingswood Rummage Sale, there are hundreds of garages where you can find many bargains on things like clothes and home goods. And there’s even unique handmade items that you can find at the different garages.

“My best deal was probably I got a cat tower for 40 bucks. It’s about as tall as I am so,” shopper Natalie Nchugh from Minnesota said.

“I think she said it was probably about a hundred and it looked brand new almost,” shopper Maggie McDermott from Harrisburg said.

“You could furnish an apartment pretty much with, you know, decorated I mean. You know, it’s fun,” shoppers Carol Skavlem and Larry Sattler said.

“I found like a bouncer thing for my new grandson for $30 so that was awesome. So good finds this year,” Barron said.

Plus, these shoppers say they like the atmosphere of rummage sales.

“The laughing, the bonding, the crazy ladies in the garage. Yeah, it’s just all fun. It’s about the whole experience and the treasures to find and the things that you never thought you were looking for, you just happen to find,” Barron said.

“I just love them. You can find bargains; you just never know what you might come across,” McDermott said.

And rummage sale season is just beginning.

Saturday is the last day of the Kingswood Rummage sale for this year.