NEAR LENNOX, S.D. (KELO) — Friday’s rain came just in time for some parts of KELOLAND.

The southeastern corner of South Dakota is in severe drought, according to the latest drought monitor.

Many other counties across the state are also dry.

Lennox area farmer Brock Hoogestraat can already see a positive change in his cornfield after some much-needed rain.

“If you look over here you can see that corn, it rolls up and it turns blue, you are so close to losing that plant. It’s about dying, it’s dead, it’s over, and you look today, it’s green. That rain saved the rest of what’s on those hills there. Very blessed to have that,” Hoogestraat said.

Lincoln County emergency manager Harold Timmerman also farms a little bit.

When we talked with both men Friday morning, they had received about three quarters of an inch.

“It was getting critical to get rain because some of our crops were going to start dying fairly soon,” Timmerman said.

While some farmers can breathe a sigh of relief for now, thanks to the rain, it doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods.

“It put a Band-Aid on a broken leg. We’re going to need a lot more rain to finish it out, but this should hold us for a while,” Hoogestraat said.

Both farmers say spring showers have been spotty this year.

“There’s still going to be places that need quite a bit of rain,” Timmerman said.

But for now, Hoogestraat can sleep a little easier tonight.

Moving forward, his only option is to stay optimistic.

“We did our part. We put all the money in. We put all our investments into the ground. Good Lord hopefully lets it rain on us, hopefully,” Hoogestraat said.

Timmerman says the rainfall is also helping cut down on fire danger in the area.