KLONDIKE, IA (KELO) — Bird watchers are being treated to quite a show in northwest Iowa this week. Dozens of bald eagles have perched on the treetops along the Big Sioux River near the tiny village of Klondike. One family from Larchwood found the high-flying eagles quite heavenly.

16-year-old Lexi Schreurs wanted to see for herself the majestic display of bald eagles flying overhead.

“Ever since I seen this on Facebook, I told my mom that we need to come down here and look at them,” Lexi said.

So Lexi and her mother drove down from Larchwood to see what’s created such a stir on social media.

“There’s probably 30 or more, I’d say. There’s some in the trees and there’s some in the river eating on fish, I would guess, a couple flying,” Annie Schreurs said.

The Klondike Dam is already a scenic spot with its rapids straddling the river between the South Dakota and Iowa border. But it’s all the more breathtaking with so many eagles nearby.

The eagles remind Lexi of her late grandfather, Charlie Larsen, who died in 2017 from cancer. He lived nearby and would often come down to look at the eagles.

“When he passed away from cancer before, he said that he would come back as a bald eagle,” Lexi said.

Seeing so many eagles is a source of comfort to Lexi, who’s convinced that grandpa is still taking her underneath his wing.

“I just think that’s cool to see the bald eagles down here because I know that he is out watching me and just letting me know that he’s always with me, no matter where I am,” Lexi said.

Locals say eagles are a common sight by the Klondike Dam, but gatherings of this size are more unusual.

The dam is also a popular fishing spot, where anglers often see the eagles during the summer months, as well.