Bad weather stalls cars, could create lingering damage

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The streets are drying out, and some drivers are fixing their cars after severe weather flooded and damaged areas of KELOLAND. Some of the hardest hit areas of the state include Sioux Falls and Wakonda. Early Wednesday morning, drivers had to crank up their windshield wipers and pull over. Even if you made it through the deep puddles without car trouble, we’re showing you why you want to keep an eye on it for a while.

Most of us are trying to keep our heads above water. So, rather than be late to work or wherever they’re going, drivers will risk it and wade through pools of uncertainty — aka flooded intersections — just get down the road.

“I can’t see nothing. I had to pull over twice. It was one of the worst rainstorms I’ve ever been in,” James Hamilton said.

Hamilton and some of his fellow commuters got caught in the downpour and found themselves in too deep.

“It just stalled out on me. Trying to get to work and it completely stalled out,” Hamilton said.

“We’ve been extremely busy,” Todd Egge, Jay Egge Automotive Service, said.

This year’s long stretch of bad weather is driving business at local auto mechanics. Egge says even if you make it through deep water without stalling your car, you’re not in the clear yet.

“What we’ll see down the road, three or four weeks, where water has entered the drive components and raised havoc along with the electrical systems on these cars. Continuous problems you won’t see immediately will come back to bite you,” Egge said.

Just a few seconds may cost you about $3,000.

“It’s not cheap,” Egge said.

Severe weather isn’t new to Hamilton. After a rough start this morning, he hopes his bad luck will finally dry out.

“I’ve driven in pretty bad weather, and this is one of the worst ones I’ve ever been in,” Egge said.

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