SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Authorities have confirmed the body found in a garage next to a missing woman’s SUV is that of Angela Armstrong.

Armstrong was last seen at the beginning of June. Investigators say they are still figuring out her cause of death.

For weeks, Sioux Falls police have been asking the public to be on the lookout for Armstrong’s dark gray SUV. Tuesday they found it in an apartment garage on the southwest side of the city.

Now investigators are waiting on autopsy results to figure out how she died.

Police were called to an apartment complex on South Beal Avenue Tuesday afternoon for an unusual smell coming from a garage.

That’s where authorities say they found Angela Armstrong’s gray Chevy Travese. A body was lying next to it.

“There are some similar characteristics like height and weight with this person that was found and Angela, but I think detectives were talking to family and let her know that we found her car and there was a body,” Sioux Falls Police, Sam Clemens said.

Clemens didn’t say who owns the garage, but he says it doesn’t belong to Armstrong.

“I think in that apartment complex there is quite a few garages, we just aren’t able to go and randomly check garages just to see, we are not able to do that, in this case there has been a lot of challenges, we knew that it was unusual behavior, there wasn’t a lot of information to follow up on, like where she may have gone, direction of travel,” Clemens said.

Police confirm Armstrong does live in the area.

Clemens says investigators have been working hard to find her. That’s why they asked people to be on the lookout for her vehicle.

“To be found inside a garage, it kind of makes sense that’s why nobody found her car, and we thought that would have been the one thing that people would be able to see, is a car that had been parked in a place for a number of days or weeks even, since it was inside the garage, that’s why nobody was able to see that car,” Clemens said.

Police say there isn’t any indication as to why Armstrong’s vehicle was at the apartment complex. Clemens says a toxicology report is also being done on the body which could take four to six weeks to complete.