SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Acrobatics and tumbling began as a competitive sport around 12 years ago and has been building across the country, and in Sioux Falls.

Head Coach Kaelyn Cowan has been a part of the acrobatic and tumbling world for more than a decade.

“I was a gymnast growing up, and it’s just it gave me a lot of opportunity to continue my love for gymnastics at the collegiate level,” Cowan said.

In 2021, she decided to bring her world to Augustana. Creating the first acrobatic and tumbling team in the Midwest region.

Over the last year and a half Cowan has built the program from the ground up. Now she has a team made up of 24 students from all across the country.

“The core of what this is is providing more opportunities for female athletes and I think us having more diverse athletes on our campus has been a huge just a huge stamp on who we are,” Cowan said.

Kailee Greene is a junior on the team. She transferred from North Carolina a year ago to be a part of this new program.

“This is my second time starting a first year program. So it’s just like, cool to make history,” Greene said.

Greene says she is excited to make a name for the sport and Augustana University.

“In the Midwest, people don’t really know what acro is, and for us to be the first team in the Midwest to compete is really, really an honor,” Greene said.

The team will have their first meet against University of Oregon at Augustana, Saturday, February 4th at 2pm.