SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sioux Falls along with most of South Dakota has seen its fair share of severe weather. Augustana University was one of the many places that experienced damage due to high winds.

“May 12 is the big one that everyone will remember,” said Rick Tupper, Associate Vice President for University Services.

Rick Tupper has been coordinating the clean-up process at Augustana University after the intense winds of May 12 tore through campus.

“The damage from that event included roof damage, tree damage, window damage, fence damage. It was an intense day for a lot of people,” Tupper said.

“You could see- it looked like a dust storm rolling in. When the wind really picked up and the trees were starting to move we saw- I saw the power lines from 33rd explode,” said Caitlynn Fletcher, a student.

Now, most of the broken branches and fallen trees have been cleared…

“It was really sad to see those large trees because we’re really known for a beautiful campus,” said Deanna Versteeg, Vice President for Human Resources.

The next step is to repair and rebuild. The timeline for when these repairs will take place and how much they will cost is unknown.

“We are working with a number of contractors from the tree contractors to roof repair to find out what those costs are and once our insurance company approves that we’ll get them engaged,” Tupper said.

Tupper says while there was much damage to the campus, he is relieved that no one was hurt there.