SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — One hundred years. That’s how long the voices of Augustana have been performing together in the school’s choir. This weekend, students will be coming together with past alumni to celebrate this centennial celebration.

The voices of the Augustana Student Choir can be heard throughout the halls as students prepare for the 100th anniversary celebration.

“It’s been really fun honestly. We’ve been singing a lot of new pieces, a lot of our commissioned pieces, and I think that is just really exciting in itself to know that these songs were written like just for us and for this performance,” said Arden Koenecke, senior and choir president.

Along with learning three new musical pieces, the current students will also be performing with over 100 Augustana Choir alumni.

“In my time here, I see the alumni choir in pieces come together, for things like our homecoming, for things like Viking days, but this is the first event that I’ve seen in years where we have had this large of an alumni choir, to have over 100 people is just awfully special,” said Peter Folliard, Dean of the School of Music.

“We sing a lot of the same songs as the alumni, even though we have never physically sang together, until now we will get to sing those songs with those people, so I think that’s really special to get to carry on the community together,” said Koenecke.

Many students say it is an honor to carry on this long lasting tradition.

“It’s amazing. My father was in the Augustana Choir, as well, he graduated in ’91 so it’s just an honor to kind of carry on the legacy,” said Ellie Dykstra, senior.

“I think the energy is high, we are sounding really good, this week and I think we are ready to go for our big weekend,” said Koenecke.

Some of the events include alumni socials, a swing dance and of course the big concert which is happening on Friday evening.

You can find a complete schedule of events and get your free concert ticket here.