The 911 call following Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg’s deadly crash last month near Highmore has been released.

In a moment you’re going to hear portions of that call, but that’s not all. Today the Department of Public Safety also released Ravnsborg’s toxicology report.

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was traveling down Highway 14 on September 12th when he hit something and called 911.

Dispatcher: 9-1-1. This is Ally. How can I help you?
Caller: Ally. This…well…Ally, I’m the Attorney General. And I am…I don’t know…I hit something.
Dispatcher: You hit something?

In an email to KELOLAND News last month, Ravnsborg said he thought he hit a deer.

Dispatcher: Are you injured at all, Jason?
Caller: I am not, but my car sure as hell is.

KELOLAND News obtained pictures of Ravnsborg’s car a couple of days after the crash.

Caller: It sure hit me…smashed my windshield…
Dispatcher: Oh no. Okay, do you think it was a deer or something?
Caller: I have no idea…
Dispatcher: Okay…
Caller: Yeah…It could be…I mean…it was right in the roadway and…

Ravnsborg found out the next day he had struck and killed Joe Boever.

Today, Secretary of the Department of Public Safety, Craig Price held a news conference to release more details about the ongoing investigation.

He says a preliminary autopsy has been completed.

“Injuries were extensive both internally and externally additional details will be included in the final autopsy report,” Secretary Department of Public Safety Craig Price said.

I asked the Secretary when Ravnsborg’s blood sample was taken.

“From Mr. Ravnsborg? The blood was collected I want to say roughly around 1:30 the following day,” Price said.

Which I followed up by asking, should it not have been taken that night?

“I’m not going to speculate on the work of others, I know once our office became involved which was the next day at around 10:30 when we got on scene we worked efficiently to go ahead and get that information,” Price said.

Ravnsborg had been attending a Republican function in Redfield earlier that day and told us he had not been drinking.

North Dakota’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation is leading the investigation, but is getting help from a nationally recognized crash reconstruction expert from Wyoming, who is conducting forensic mapping.

“Forensic mapping is a process which we document the roadway the edges of the road line lanes of travel tire marks and other physical facts that might be present,” Price said.

Secretary Price says the investigation is going to take more time, but once it’s complete, a full report will be released to the public.

As for the Attorney General, he is still working.

Listen to the full 911 call:

Watch the full news conference: