Attempted Robbery And Assault At Watertown Bar

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Owners of a bar who say someone attempted to rob them are sharing their story.

Watertown police arrested 48-year-old Troy Wall on multiple charges Friday night including robbery and assault.

It was a normal Friday night at Sparky’s bar when co-owner and Manager Jeff Lamb says things went downhill.

“This guy was sitting at the end of the bar and all of a sudden he put on a ski mask and put on a white hat and whipped out a knife,” Lamb said.

Jeremy Seeman is the other co-owner and was behind the bar when the incident happened. He says the man went behind the bar to try to get cash.

“He came right back behind here, and he was standing here and I was here and he stuck out his knife,” Seeman said.

Seeman says the man tried to stab him.

He pushed knife into the left side of my abdomen, but he didn’t break the skin or anything. That’s when I realized that this was actually for real,” Seeman said.

Once the man pulled out the knife, Lamb says many people in the bar rushed to get him out of the building.

“Everybody kind of helped just flush the guy out of the bar. It was a team effort by the patrons and the workers,” Lamb said

the owners say once everyone got the man out of the building, they were able to tackle him to the ground, get the knife out of his hand and call authorities.

“Once they got him to the door, he fell down. Jeremy kicked the knife from his hand,” Lamb said.

Both owners say they’re happy no one got hurt.

“I’m glad nothing happened. It’s a scary thing to happen in Watertown,” Lamb said.

“He was seconds away from making the worst decision of his life. We’re glad he didn’t. No one was hurt, so we’re good,” Seeman said.

Officials say Wall is also connected to a theft at a different business earlier in the day.

Watertown police responded to a business for a report of a man who stole a cash register.

A search of Walls home revealed the stolen cash register.

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