SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — This next round of winter weather is wearing on snow removal companies who’ve been swamped for weeks keeping up with continued snowfall across KELOLAND.

For many companies, it’s hard work that’s being managed by a far smaller number of workers than they’d like.

“It feels like we’ve been working nonstop the whole month of December,” Lawn & Snow Co. owner Melisa Nichols said.

With snowstorm after snowstorm, employees at removal companies can’t catch a break.

“Even after the storms, a lot of times we go back out to put de-icer down after its done snowing. So, even when it’s done snowing we’re still going back or the city plow comes through and we have to go deal with that too,” Lindsay Jones with Lawn & Snow Co. said.

With long-lasting winter weather systems like the one we’re seeing this week, these companies are working around the clock for their emergency clients that need to have clear access all day.

“Businesses that worry about somebody slipping and falling, they want us there continuously to keep it clear for them,” Jones said. 

“That’s a list of probably about 60 to 70 customers,” Nichols said.

It’s why these managers for Lawn and Snow Co. spent their morning making sure they have a crew of at least 50 to 60 workers ready to handle the workload that just keeps piling up.

“This is when you start hauling snow away, but there’s no where to put the snow eventually,” Nichols said.

With so much snow, they’d like to have dozens more workers on their team.

“We’re paying people $40 an hour just to get people to come in and shovel and you’d be surprised how many people don’t show up,” Nichols said.

They’ve struggled to find enough employees so much the past two years, they just added some new snow raider machines to help lighten the load for the smaller fleet of workers they do have.

“It saves a lot on manpower which is why we’re investing in them because it’s so hard to find people to work,” Nichols said.

It’s an impact customers are also feeling as they deal with higher bills for snow removal and companies limiting the number of customers they can serve.

“I’m not taking on any new customers, but you can always call for a job anytime,” Nichols said.

Snow removal companies rely heavily on their full-time employees when they’re lacking in seasonal help. At Lawn and Snow Co, nearly all of their full time workers are deaf; it’s one of the reasons the company was founded, to help give the hearing impaired more job opportunities in Sioux Falls.