SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Many people congregate in churches for the first day of Lent every year. However, this year, one ministry group in Sioux Falls has decided to take Ash Wednesday on the road.

Alyson Schuster didn’t receive her Ash Wednesday blessing at church, she got it delivered to her door step.

“It’s a great idea, it’s very creative, a new way to kind of, find the way to have the imposition of ashes given the challenging times everybody’s in. So, it’s a great way to kind of, stay connected when we can’t gather as large congregations,” Schuster said.

Erica Varcoe and Jennifer Neitzert of the Table Ministry hit the streets of Sioux Falls in a black mini van. They’re taking Ash Wednesday to whoever wants it so people could stay home — where it’s both warm and pandemic-safe.

“You know, with the pandemic and our whole mission of doing faith differently and meeting people where they are, we just decided to bring ashes to people. And since the pandemic came, I have fallen in love with DoorDash and I thought, oh my gosh, let’s do a take on DoorDash but for ashes,” Varcoe said.

They even smudged ashes on a group of co-workers on a work break.

“You know it’s been a heck of a year, I think for everybody, and so, being able to be reminded of Christ’s love for us is just, we always need that reminder and it’s nice to have it brought to us,” Heather Smith, an ash recipient, said.

Varcoe and Neitzert also handed out ‘Lent Swag Bags’ filled with activities for the 40-day religious holiday and loaves of bread from Breadsmith in Sioux Falls.

“This is about nothing we can do and about everything that God has done for us and just bringing that to people is just an incredible privilege and a beautiful way to spend a snowy Wednesday,” Varcoe said.