RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — Car break-ins are on the rise in Rapid City.

Rule number one, always keep your car locked when you are not using it.

“As weather gets better, local criminals like to go out. They will walk neighborhoods, they will try car doors, if they get into a car they will take anything and everything of value they can and they just move up and down blocks,” Sgt. Michael Shyne, Rapid City Police, said.

Over the last 30 days here in Rapid City, there have been 116 reports of car burglaries.

From phone chargers and laptops to guns, valuable items are being stolen from people’s cars.

“We’ve also had 17 firearms taken in the last 30 days from cars. If you are going to carry a gun in your vehicle, it’s fine but please don’t store it there overnight because it just increases the chance that gun could be stolen and end up in the hands of a criminal,” Sgt. Shyne said.

While the number of stolen cars usually goes down during the summer, it is always a possibility.

And as summer tourism season ramps up here in the Black Hills, the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office urges everyone to lock their cars.

“This is not a Rapid City only problem, it happens out in the county as well. So be sure to lock your doors even out in the county, in areas such as Keystone, Hill City, Wall, it doesn’t matter, just make it a habit and it becomes second nature,” Lt. Chris Hislip, Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, said.

Rapid City Police say they have already made some arrests and are working to find more suspects.

If you are a victim of a stolen car or car burglary, do not hesitate to call your local law enforcement.