PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. (KELO) —State and local crews are making good progress on roads on the Western side of South Dakota.

From whiteout conditions and blowing snow to clear skies and open roads, things are looking a lot better on Interstate 90 just outside of Rapid City.

However, the storm continues further East.

“It can be difficult at times. Us troopers are traveling together and pretty much using the fog line as a guide because you couldn’t see past the hood of your car but we are still out there doing everything we can to get people off the roads,” James Lynn, South Dakota Highway Patrol, said.

Highway Patrol and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office along with other agencies are working to remove stranded vehicles from the Interstate.

“But they are still dedicated right now and working on that, but there are just so many cars stranded out there right now and that doesn’t include the cars outside of the interstate,” Sgt. Amanda Swanson, Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, said.

With high winds and freezing cold temperatures, driving conditions are not ideal for the holidays this year.

“I would say if you can stay in town or somewhere local, that would be my best recommendation. Unfortunately, this is the time of year that people want to travel and they probably will but the roads aren’t in the best condition right now so if you are going to drive out there, use caution. And it’s going to take a long time,” Sgt. Swanson said.

By being patient and taking your time driving, dangerous situations can be avoided.

“We understand it’s stressful. We want everyone to be patient and work with us as we work hard to get the roads open. We understand everyone has destinations to get to for the holidays this weekend and our goal is to get everyone there in time,” Lynn said.

Over a hundred people became stranded near Wall and New Underwood on Wednesday due to the winter storm.