RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — Rapid City’s construction season is about to kick into high gear.

All of the fall seasonal projects are expected to start and be completed before snow flies.

The 5th Street project has been going on all summer and will continue the downtown work through next year.

The city has also looked at several areas to start improving across town.

“We go through and evaluate water needs, sewer needs and then pavement needs. We combine all of those along with our storm sewer. Also, we look at what are our primary route at, you know we are trying to take care of our primary routes through town. We’re also trying to take care of the smaller ones too,” City Engineer Roger Hall said.

The spring and the summer were considered to be extremely busy when it came to construction, and that is going to continue through the fall. As several main streets throughout Rapid City are going to be under construction, all the way through winter.

One main concern with construction in the fall is the impact early snowfall can have on a project’s end date.

“We do consider the weather to a small degree. A lot of times we look at the amount of work and we know that we’re coming into winter. We kind of follow the DOT on that, they have a working weather day calendar and we know pretty close how many working weather days we’re going to get every year, but that does play a factor into our completion dates absolutely,” Hall said.

Residents in town will need to stay up to date on the changes being made to common driving routes so they can still cross the city with ease.

If you would like to find out more information on these projects you can see them here.