SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Art can send powerful messages.

On Friday it will help tell the stories of drug and alcohol addiction.

Kerri Keogh has been in recovery for 25 years from multiple addictions, including alcohol.

She’ll open up about her journey at the 10th Tallgrass Recovery Art Show.

The Sioux Falls artist will have several pieces on display.

“This shares our story, but then it’s left to their interpretation of what they see in it, so my whole story is in these,” Artist Kerri Keogh said.

Christian Olson, who’s also in recovery, is featuring a piece as well.

“The left is the broken version and the right being the recovered and looking back and being able to see yourself and looking at yourself,” Olson said as he pointed to his work.

The show has grown over the years.

The first one only featured about five artists. The show happening Friday will showcase the work of about 30 artists.

“When you come to the show you get the opportunity to see as a witness to people’s lives and how it has been affected, but then you get to meet the artist as well and see we’re not the person under the bridge, you know, I think the stigma has gotten better through the years that I’ve been sober, but it’s still out there,” Art show creator Joan Zych said.

But art is one way to share stories and help break the stigma.

“We can touch people this way where we can’t in other ways, so whether it’s this, whether it’s dance, whether it’s music, whether it’s speaking from a podium, whatever that is, it takes what it takes,” Keogh said.

The show runs from 5:00-9:00 PM at Post Pilgrim Art Gallery in the lower level of Last Stop CD Shop on East 10th in Sioux Falls.

While this will be the last Tallgrass Recovery Art Show, Zych says there will be more art shows to come.