ARLINGTON, S.D. (KELO) — Over the last month, two house explosions happened in the Madison area related to snow covering gas meters, and a fire department in a neighboring small town is helping to prevent an accident like that from happening there.

Members of the Arlington Volunteer Fire Department are making their way around town to check the gas meters or regulators on some people’s homes and clear out the area around them. It was an idea one of the firefighters had after the home explosion on Lake Madison Sunday.

It’s something nobody wants to happen to their home. Fortunately, nobody was badly hurt in the two recent explosions.

It has many people thinking about what they can do to prevent it from happening to them. Marlys Reierson from Arlington was talking about it with some friends earlier this week.

“We were talking about how horrible it was that Madison had two homes that had exploded,” she said.

So Reierson asked her daughter, who works with the town’s finance office, to check on her gas meter.

“It’s kind of only half covered, but there’s a lot of snow around it, so she said, ‘I’ll tell you what,’ she said, ‘The fire department are going to be cleaning out some for the elderly people,’ and so she said, ‘I’ll just put your name down,'” Reierson said.

Firefighters met at the station and headed out to people’s homes upon request, checking each gas meter one at a time.

“Clearing gas regulators of snow to make sure that they can vent properly and try to prevent any any possible explosions like what we’ve had down in our neighboring town there,” Arlington fire chief Trevor Keating said.

This is just one of the homes I stopped by today in Arlington with the fire department, and while there wasn’t a lot of snow on top of this regulator, the firefighters did get to work and cleared around it.

“It’s a good community. We want to keep it safe. We want to prevent anyone from getting injured or any property from getting damaged, and just something we can do to give back to a very giving community,” Keating said.

And that service is noticed by people in the community.

“I couldn’t have done it myself because she had said, you know, it was kind of hard because the snow has been falling, melting, falling, melting. And so she said, ‘don’t go out there and try to get it off by yourself.’ So this was wonderful,” Reierson said.

They checked meters on seven homes, two businesses and one church Tuesday.

If you are an Arlington resident and you would like your meter checked, you can call the city’s finance office to get your name on the list. Keating says they will keep checking them as the requests come in.