SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Five companies are now one step closer to setting up medical marijuana dispensaries in Sioux Falls.

The city received 79 applications for licenses in Sioux Falls, but the number of dispensaries in the city will be capped at 5.

On Wednesday, a lottery was held to randomly select those five applications.

The five winners are The Flower Shop LLC, Genesis Farms LLC, East River Farms LLC, PJJ Holdings LLC, and Deja VU SD LLC.

Emmett Reistroffer with Genesis Farms submitted 26 applications to the city, and one of them has made the cut.

“Well, I couldn’t be more excited that this day has finally come,” Emmet Reistroffer with Genesis Farms said.

You could hear excitement in the room at times when numbers were called.

East River Farms submitted one application, and they too are among the top five.

“We were only one of 79, so our odds were very slim. I cannot believe we pulled this off,” Zack Winter with East River Farms said.

Now the applications must be reviewed by the city.

“We’re going to unseal each of the applications and we’re going to go through and determine their eligibility,” Sioux Falls city attorney Stacy Kooistra said.

“There are still more steps to move forward, but we are moving closer and closer to finally getting medical cannabis to the patients who need it in Sioux Falls,” Reistroffer said.

Some of the things the city will be looking at in the applications are location, security, and odor control.

All 79 applications received a number Wednesday.

In the event that any of the top five are ineligible, the application next in line would move up.