SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – After more snow Thursday last night, residents of Sioux Falls were once again clearing their driveways and sidewalks this morning.

Winter only officially began nine days ago, but this month we’ve already seen quite a bit of snowfall.

“More so than the last few years, yeah. It’s piling up good in front of the house but that’s why we live here. South Dakota, you got to expect this,” Larry Woodard said.

That means shoveling, snow blowing and plowing have been common tasks the last few weeks.

“This is like the fifth time, probably. One storm after another storm,” Terry McGinley said.

“Every time the snow falls, we get it out and get going,” Daniel Mendez said.

At least this time, the sun was out.

“There’s no wind so it’s sweet. Get out, get some exercise before I go to work,” Woodard said.

This is only the second South Dakota winter for Daniel Mendez, who is used to California warmth. However, he says the cold doesn’t bother him anyway.

“I don’t mind it all. People think like, oh, how can you handle that? It’s not bad to me, don’t bother me any. I like it. I’d rather be here than in California. It’s too hot over there,” Mendez said.

It’s not just driveways and sidewalks needing to be cleared — it’s streets too. So as plows make their way through the city, remember to check snow alerts.

“Keep from getting any tickets because those are getting more expensive now,” Woodard said.

“Just stay safe and be aware,” McGinley said.

The City of Sioux Falls was working to plow zones two and three today.
Snow pickups for zone one are expected to happen on Monday, weather depending.