SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You’ve likely heard the phrase, “If you see something, say something.”

A resource that just rolled out in South Dakota can help students, school staff, and community members speak up anonymously.

It’s called Safe2Say South Dakota.

South Dakota launched the Safe2Say program in October to help students or adults report threatening or troubling behavior.

“Those tips go to that 24/7 reporting platform and they are able to vet that tip, communicate with that tipster to gather that information, and deliver that tip to that appropriate entity whether that be to that school or if it’s a threat to life situation, it can certainly go to our law enforcement agencies as well,” SD school safety program director Brett Garland said.

The program is available across the state.

While the Sioux Falls School District already has reporting systems in place, this is another option for students and staff.

“So if you are feeling just a little awkward about something you maybe one of your friends said or maybe someone said it in the lunchroom or maybe just in passing, it’s a good opportunity for you to pass along that information so we can follow up on it and make sure it’s nothing we need to concern ourselves with,” Sioux Falls School District security coordinator David Osterquist said.

Tipsters could be passing along critical information.

“We know that in over 80% of school attacks that have occurred throughout the country that somebody other than that school attacker knew about the attack before it happened, but failed to communicate that,” Garland said.

While the program launched just weeks ago, tips are already being reported and addressed.

The Safe2Say program is under the South Dakota Department of Public Safety and Office of Homeland Security.

To report a tip, you can use this number on your screen 1-844-3SD-SAFE, make a report online, or download the Safe2Say South Dakota app.