SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — City officials say illegal animal trappings are on the rise inside Sioux Falls city limits.

Dunham Park is just one of the many locations within Sioux Falls where animal control has responded to illegal animal trappings.

“It is strictly illegal to trap anywhere inside the city limits without permission,” Milo Hartson, Lead Animal Control Officer.

In the past few months, Animal Control has been called to more reports of illegal trapping.

“I assume they are trying to catch raccoons, possums, minks, stuff like that inside the city parks,” Hartson said.

Many of these calls involve traps that are illegal to use within city limits. The only trap you can use legally is a live trap and that’s only on private property.

“A live trap is usually about three feet long, maybe six eight inches wide belt same height with the door on it, nothing can get hurt in there,” Hartson said.

Illegal traps are a danger to stray animals and humans who can get caught in one on accident.

“The problem is with this trap, if a kid’s walking around and he sees that and goes ‘yeah I don’t know what that is and he pushes that trigger, it’ll go snap, and he won’t be able to get his fingers out of it,'” Hartson said.

If you want to trap, there are locations available outside city limits.

“If trapping is something that interests you take the time to go out explore those game production areas, see what our state parks have to offer, and reach out to those private land owners in the area and see if they would be interested in letting you onto their property to enjoy some trapping,” Nick Harrington, Communications Manager for Game Fish and Parks.

To see which traps are illegal, check out the South Dakota hunting and fishing handbook.

Should you have a pesky critter in your yard be sure to call animal control and let them deal with it.