SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — Sioux Falls parents will soon have a new way to make sure their kids don’t miss the bus.

The district has a new bus tracking app.

The Sioux Falls School District has spent the last year collaborating with School Bus Inc (SBI) to create a new bus tracking system called Stopfinder.

“The parents can check to see if the school bus is on time, if it’s running behind and how far it’s running behind. So then they can communicate with their own students or their own kids,” Josh Kinard, Director of Operations for SBI.

As you can see in this instructional video from the district, the app for parents will allow you track bus schedules and stops. It also lets you see when your child gets on and off the bus.

There’s also an app for drivers to track routes, allowing parents to receive push alerts if a bus is running early or late.

“Utilizing GPS and the route program gives us instant updates on seeing when and where that driver is going to get to that location,” Kinard said.

The district has 25,000 students. 9,000 ride the bus.

“Once they (drivers) get to their stop they know exactly who they will be picking up. It allows them to check those students on, as those students check on and they put their ID card up against the ZPASS, that registers the RFID tag that is assigned to the student that instantly lets us know the student is on board,” Kinard said.

This new program was created with the goal of providing more communication and safety for students, parents and the district.

“As the largest district in our state, we kind of pioneer and we try to be the best at what we do and make sure that we keep the safety of our kids at the forefront,” Braak said.

The Stopfinder app will be free for parents to use, and parents can share information with providers and family as well. The District says emails with the link should be sent out Wednesday evening.