SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — 20-year-old South Dakota State University student Mitchel Wolf is a volunteer with his school at the Summit League Basketball Championships where he works with student bands, but he doesn’t pick what they play.

“That’s up to them,” Wolf said. “I just have to like, give them a kind of time frame of when they can play and how long they can play.”

He helps facilitate how cheer teams contribute to this event, too.

“Passing along to who’s in charge of playing music over the speakers, what the cheer team wants to play while they’re out on the court performing,” Wolf said.

Just like a basketball team needs sharp offense and dedicated defense with good team chemistry and effective coaching in order to win the title here, different people have to come together to make these championships happen.

“We have a lot of volunteers who you don’t see, like stocking the locker rooms with waters and towels and things like that,” said Ryan Powell, assistant commissioner for communications with The Summit League. “We have participant gifts that each team gets that we deliver; those types of things that volunteers are doing.”

Powell says there are dozens of volunteers with the Sioux Falls Sports Authority. And as you can imagine, it’s crunch time for conference employees.

Dan Santella: Is it all hands on deck for Summit League employees?

“Yeah, there’s 11 of us, and we are working long days, but it’s worth it,” Powell said. “This is our Super Bowl.”