SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — These past two days, Amazon has been super busy, offering exclusive deals to its Prime members as part of Prime Day.

Wednesday KELOLAND News stopped by the distribution center in Sioux Falls to get a rare behind-the-scenes look as workers fill and deliver your orders.

“We look at Prime Days as our Super Bowl,” Amazon regional spokesperson Scott Seroka said.

And just like a Super Bowl team, Amazon has prepared for months for these two days.

“There are so many deals that are out there for the consumer that we really have to work ahead of time to make sure we get all these products to the right places and the right times,” Seroka said.

Driver Lynn Delker will deliver 120 packages today, he says it’s like delivering smiles.

“Even the dogs smile at me when I come up so that makes my day,” Delker said.

“The prime day volume jumps about 20% for us, specifically, so it’s a healthy jump for our site,” station manager Nic Hoch said.

Amazon says it brings in additional workers for Prime Day, offering more shifts to anyone who wants to work a few extra hours.

“You know you might have 35 people working a sort shift, we might bump it to 45,” Hoch said.

Because on Prime Day, they have a lot to load and deliver.

“Yeah, quite a few, we have about 24,000 packages that went through our facility today and will be delivered between Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota,” Hoch said.

While it’s going to be a busy few days for workers, safety is still a top priority.

“When we bring vans onto the launch pad, we bring them in all at one time, before they get out of their vans they shut them off to make sure no vehicle can roll away from them,” Hoch said.

But when they get their marching orders, they roll out altogether to deliver those smiles, which the drivers say is a pretty sweet feeling.

“Absolutely, we are as popular as the ice cream man,” Delker said.

Last year, on those Prime Days, Amazon shipped 250 million packages worldwide.