Alderman For Southwest Ward In Vermillion Selected In Unique Way

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A city council seat in Vermillion is being decided in a very unique way. The city is drawing the winner’s name out of a bowl. 

Howard Willson has officially been selected as the alderman in the northwest ward in Vermillion. Both candidates, Howard Willson and Jeff Kleeman  received 188 votes.

“It’s exciting but it also shows us that one vote does count, one way or the other,” candidate, Howard Willson said.

“A little disappointment of course, glad there’s a winner, it was a two week process,” candidate, Jeff Kleeman said.

When a tie for a position happens, state statue says either candidate can request a recount, and they did.

“On Friday we conducted the recount where the ballot totals came out the same, they were still tied so then the statue provides that we draw for lots to determine the winner of the alderman in the northwest ward,” Finance Officer for City of Vermillion, Michael Carlson said.

That’s why Monday people gathered at city hall to see which candidate would win the drawing. 

“I think it’s as fair as it can be, it’s a 50/50 chance,” Willson said.

“If one other person would have voted, Howard or I could have won that night and this whole process wouldn’t have happened, but on that same token raises awareness for future elections and brings more people out hopefully,” Kleeman said.

Kleeman says he will run again in the future, depending on what positions are available.

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