AKRON, Iowa (KCAU) — Two students in the Akron-Westfield School District are being expelled following a violent attack in the high school on Thursday.

The Akron-Westfield school board announced the discipline at a school board meeting held on Wednesday night in the school’s auditorium.

Board members voted nine to zero in support of the recommendation of the school’s superintendent, Derek Briggs. The expelled students were not identified by name.

“I move that the board accept the superintendent’s recommendation that the student who was the subject of the disciplinary hearing be expelled from the Akron-Westfield School District immediately to continue through the 2023-24 school year prior to eligibility to request readmittance,” said Board Member Josh Martinsen.

Neither of the students’ names or what led to the expulsion was released by the board… But it’s believed to be associated with last week’s attack by a student.

Video of the attack was recorded by another student on a cell phone that has circulated on social media. KCAU 9 won’t show the video out of respect for the victim and at the parent’s wishes.

Around 40 parents students and community members attended the meeting, and the case remains under investigation by the Plymouth County Juvenile Court.