AKRON, Iowa (KCAU) – Four days after a violent attack at Akron-Westfield High School was caught on video community members gathered to share concerns over what the video shows and awareness of some of the bullying in the school.

About 70 parents, community members, as well as students started gathering at the Akron Golf Club early Monday night causing the meeting to be pushed back a half hour because of the number of people wanting to attend the session described by those attending as a brainstorming session.  

The assault video appeared on social media last week, and parents say they only want to help.  

“This was just, I’d say, more of a brainstorming session of how can we help,” said Akron-Westfield parent Eric Solberg, “I mean, we don’t want to sit on the sidelines and let the administration or the kids feel like they have to do this on their own. We’re here to help as best we can and in a small-town community like this, we can do that.”  

“I’m concerned about our children’s safety when they come to school,” said parent Jessica Hughes, “I don’t want this incident to define what our school is and the culture that lies within the school, and I think that our kids are watching our response and how we come together as parents in a community and unite and help provide them with what they need to feel safe.”  

The unidentified attacking student was detained by law enforcement and there has been no word of whether charges will be forthcoming.