ROCK RAPIDS, IOWA (KELO )– October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A local woman who was diagnosed with the disease a year ago is now using her story to advocate for cancer screenings.

Becky Roemen works here at Sanford Rock Rapids Clinic as a physician’s assistant. She never saw herself as a possible patient.

“I went in end of last September to get my just annual screening mammogram and that did come back with a spot that looked suspicious. So they recommended that I go further with the diagnostic mammogram and some other testing and ultimately, that was found to be cancerous,” Becky Roemen, cancer survivor.

Over the span of six months, she underwent 25 radiation treatments and surgery.

“The cancer was pretty localized just to the one spot. However, after my surgery, they did find out that it was starting to spread to the lymph nodes. So I just often think ‘man what if I would have just waited another six months or a year to get that mammogram’, the story could have completely changed, my treatment plan would have completely changed,” Roemen said.

Roemen says she was able to get through this experience with the support of her friends, family and her work.

“It just goes to show just how much of an impact Becky makes for not only the employees, but the community and her patients, you know, everyone did just kind of step up,” said Tracy Schultz, clinic director.

Now, she and those at the clinic are hoping to bring awareness to the issue..

“It’s important to follow through on not only your mammograms, but all wellness visits, you know, just just because you feel good doesn’t mean there might not be something underlying that is happening that you’re not aware of,” Schultz said.

and get more people in for screenings. Roeman has been in remission since March of this year.

She plans to continue her screenings and encourages her patients to do the same.