OMAHA, N.E. (KELO) — Hundreds of hours worth of filibusters and dozens of hours worth of debate have been focused on LB574.

The bill was arguably the most controversial and high profile bill this session but a late amendment adding a 12 week abortion ban put it in a league of its own amongst controversial legislation.

Dueling protests took over the rotunda of the capitol while LB 574 and its amendment were being debated.

Supporters of the bill began their demonstration with a prayer circle but it was quickly drowned out by a crowd of doctors, advocates and trans-Nebraskans rallying to oppose the bill.

For many opponents, the bill passing would mean leaving Nebraska.

The vote on the amendment was delayed several times by arguments over procedure and whether the amendment was considered “germane”, or the same subject as the original bill.

It was eventually ruled by Lt. Governor Joe Kelly to be germane, setting off another motion to overrule his ruling, that effort would ultimately be unsuccessful.

With procedural debates out of the way the vote to amend the abortion ban into 574 would pass cloture with the minimum 33 votes that it needed.

The reaction from opponents to the vote was visceral.

LB574 is not law yet however and it will still need to pass one more vote. Right now it’s looking likely that it will pass its final round, but opponents say they aren’t giving up the fight for trans Nebraskans.

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen has said he will sign the amended bill into law if it passes. The bill would include an emergency clause, meaning it will go into effect as soon as the governor signs it.