SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Storyland Children’s Theatre has been part of Sioux Falls for more than 30 years, and unveils a new tale every week during its summer schedule.

Storyland Children’s Theatre has hit the halfway mark of its summer run. The theatre company includes a director, four actors, and a sound person.

“We find our actors from the high schools and from colleges, so this year we have kids from Brandon Valley and Washington High School and Lincoln, and then our sound guy is actually U of M in Minneapolis, but he was a Harrisburg Tiger, where I teach high school,” Storyland Children’s Theatre Director Mike Smith said.

Mike Smith is in his 17th year as director of Storyland Children’s Theatre. The cast and crew are employees of Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation.

“They apply, then we have an audition process, and they have to sing a song and they have to do a children’s story and then I get to select the cast, and cast it just like you do any other show,” Smith said.

“They do a great job of interacting with the kids and just making it fun for everybody,” Sioux Falls resident Janel Prahm said.

Janel Prahm brings her kids to McKennan Park every week for the shows, and has even done a little acting herself.

“In high school I did, and so it takes a lot of courage for them to stand up there and so being able to interact and just have that energy, they do phenomenal,” Prahm said.

The theatre company performs eight shows in eight weeks, stepping onto the stage for one production while also learning the next.

“They get a script on Tuesday, we read through it on Wednesday, on Thursday we block it, Friday we have an hour, hour and a half, and it’s just expected that they have it memorized by Monday. Whatever process they go through, I don’t know what they do, but on Monday they show up and they’re memorized. It’s theatre kids, it’s what they do,” Smith said.

And each week hundreds of people enjoy the final product.

Storyland Children’s Theatre returns to the stage tonight at 7:00, weather permitting, and Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 a.m.