SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Field trips can be a fun way for students to get hands-on experience on different topics they’re learning in school. One Sioux Falls school is fundraising to make that experience possible for its students.

Students at Ace Academy get plenty of learning done inside the classroom, but educators know getting the kids out in the community is also beneficial.

“When we have the opportunity to use our city as a school when we are able to utilize resources in the community and bring the kids to the resource, it just compounds the whole experience for them,” educator, Jordan Deffenbaugh said.

Typically the school would use two vans to get the kids to and from field trips. But right now, they’re down to only one van.

“Unfortunately over the summer of this year, one of our vans was involved in a car accident and was totaled,” executive director, Chloe Clements said. “That brought us down to one van and we’ve been working some interesting solutions of taking two trips or multiple trips and coming back and it’s really not a long-term, sustainable solution.”

Clements says they started a fundraiser in November to raise the money to replace that van, but then the catalytic converter was stolen from the other remaining van.

“The funds we had been raising to go towards the new van had to go to fixing the current van and so we did get that van up and going again,” Clements said.

Now they’re continuing to fundraise to purchase another passenger van. The goal is to raise $30,000.

“Our school is growing and we can’t fit in one van and so we definitely need multiple vans, especially if we’re going places, a lot of times our kids are involved in nature and those places are 20-30 minutes out of town, it’s just not feasible to take multiple trips,” Clements said.

“I think it is not just only interesting and fun to get kids out into the community, I think it’s vital, I think it’s absolutely necessary, and that’s what makes this fundraiser for the van so crucial for the school,” Deffenbaugh said.

If you’d like to donate, you can find more information on the school’s Facebook page.