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A Tour Of The USS South Dakota

New London, C.T. - The USS South Dakota is being prepared for it's official commissioning this weekend. On Thursday, our sister station in Connecticut took a tour of the submarine, and we see how South Dakota heritage is on display for the crew every day.

The USS South Dakota is docked and ready for service.

This submarine is one of the newest to join the U.S. Navy fleet, and holds more than 130 service men and women. That can get a little tricky down in the kitchen.

"This is where we feed the crew. Commonly known as 'crew's mess'," said Cmdr Craig Litty, USS South Dakota. 

Down here in the "crew's mess" you'll find one of four South Dakota natives serving on the ship named after their home state.

"As you can see, the Crew's Mess is well represented from stuff from the state. Once again, the commissioning committee got all this stuff for us. I worked with them and came up with the designs and what we wanted to do here," said Senior Chief Chris Peddycoart of the USSSD, from Oacoma, SD. 

This area seats 30 people at a time and they have to feed more than 100 people per meal.

They also use this as a common space for crew members to do training, play cards, and sometimes just hang out.

For Chris Peddycoart and the rest of the crew, this will be the heartbeat of the ship, and once they officially board the submarine together on Saturday, this will become a second home.

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