SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A local children’s hospital received a special delivery in the days leading up to Christmas.

Scheels in Sioux Falls hosted its Miracle Wheel Fundraiser during the first three weeks of December, donating the proceeds from Ferris wheel rides to Sanford Children’s Hospital.

“We’re right before Christmas, such a fun donation for us to make on behalf of the Sioux Falls community,” Scheels Social Media Manager Jenna Schlapkohl said.

And the community stepped up.

“We raised $5,000, which is amazing,” Schlapkohl said.

Scheels also donated 50 plush puppies for every $1,000 raised, resulting in hundreds of little dogs making their way to the Children’s Hospital.

“If you’re a little kid you don’t see the money, that doesn’t really cross your mind, but having those puppies, something nice, something warm to welcome you into the hospital, which might be a little scary is nice for them,” Schlapkohl said.

“The puppies are an added bonus for sure for the kids to just have something to snuggle up with at night, maybe they’re missing their dog that they have at home while they’re here in the castle, so it’s an extra touch that we can give to those kids and for their families,” Senior Development Officer Bethany Olson said.

Bethany Olson is with the Sanford Health Foundation. She says the $5,000 will be used in a variety of ways, including purchasing life-saving equipment and feeding families with children in the hospital.

“Also supporting our Child Life program to make sure that there’s arts and fun things for kids to do while they are here in the hospital,” Olson said.

A gift of dollars and dogs for kids just in time for Christmas.

“The holiday spirit is definitely alive and well in Sioux Falls,” Olson said.

A portion of the puppies will land in the Castle’s “Christmas Store”, where patients and their siblings are able to pick out gifts, free of charge.