DOUGLAS COUNTY, S.D. (KELO) – Around thirteen inches of snow fell on Sioux Falls this week but head outside of the city and communities received even more.

People in and around Armour are dealing with over 25 inches — an amount that takes a toll on everyone, especially farm and ranchers.

In snowstorms like this, officials will often tell people to stay home and stay inside. Farmers and ranchers don’t have that option.

“There’s a lot of people, a lot of producers and myself that we’re more concerned about our animals than we are ourselves,” Travis Fink said.

Travis Fink is a cattle producer in Douglas County near Delmont.

Lauren Soulek: Want to just start by telling me what you’ve been seeing down there for the snow?

“White. Everything is white. They say we got close to probably 30 inches of snow. If you can just imagine walking, for me, it’s over knee deep,” Fink said.

Fink says this snow comes with extra expenses he doesn’t need.

“Our margins right now are so thin that now we’re spending anywhere from five hundred to, depending on what you’re doing, maybe two thousand dollars a day just in fuel. Not even to feed, it’s just to open up, to clean out, to move snow,” Fink said.

To make matters worse, the roof on one of his cattle feeding buildings collapsed and he lost two cows.

“That was one thing about that barn that I had is that they were out of the element,” Fink said. “The bedding, it took an element or a cost saving for me that I didn’t have to, in storms like this, bed them down all the time because the shed protected them.”

Fink says in times like this you just have to keep moving forward and, for him, he focuses on his faith.

“I let the Lord guide me where I need to go. The hoping is, is we’re in a drought so you pray for rain. Well, we got our moisture, it just comes in a form we didn’t want or need,” Fink said. “But He’s got his eyes on us and we just trust in him.”