SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Gas prices are at all-time highs right now nationwide. That’s why President Joe Biden is calling on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months. The plan is getting a mixed response on Capitol Hill.

According to AAA, South Dakota recorded its highest average gas price earlier this month at four dollars and 97 cents for unleaded and five dollars and 40 cents for diesel.

“We filled up our Explorer the other day for 20 bucks and it barely even put a dent in it. We actually just had a newborn, so he’s three weeks old and so with the cost of everything going up it’s been difficult,” Tristen Jackson of Sioux Falls said.

“So, yeah, it’s more expensive, I remember when I first got my license they weren’t this expensive but you got to go where you got to go, I guess,” Eric Peterson of Sioux Falls said.

The federal tax is about 18 cents per gallon of gas. A halt could save Americans roughly three dollars when filling up their gas tank.

“I think it’s a start. I think it needs to be lower. Like I said, back in January, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t even that long ago, being at $1.69, I think it needs to be more, for sure,” Jackson said.

Some people, including lawmakers from both parties, are skeptical of the tax halt because it would take away from the Highway Trust Fund.

“Well, the highways are pretty bad. Maybe not necessarily in South Dakota but highways are pretty bad around, I don’t know if we need to not have money go to highways,” Peterson said.

Despite high gas prices, Triple-A projects nearly a hundred thousand South Dakotans will be traveling by car for the Fourth of July weekend.

“So they’ll spend more money to fill up the tank, however, they will make adjustments in other places in terms of their holiday weekend or summer vacations,” Jana Tidwell with AAA public affairs said.

Tidwell says drivers can expect to see the highest gas prices ever for the Fourth of July weekend.

Tidwell says many people will cut costs over the holiday weekend by choosing cheaper places to stay or eating at cheaper restaurants.