SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sioux Falls on Tuesday endured its hottest August 2nd on record, but nevertheless, people were still outside at “National Night Out” events. Sioux Falls Police Department community resource officer Kyle Johnson says Tuesday brought 19 gatherings.

“You can meet the police officers on a more personal level, and then we can also interact with the community and talk to the neighbors of Sioux Falls and find out what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, their concerns about the neighborhood,” Johnson said.

National Night Out is an opportunity for neighborhoods to gather and people to interact. People had a chance to participate in collaborative artwork at Lyon Park by using a handprint to apply paint. Yes, it was hot.

“I love the heat, but this is probably a little bit much,” said Pat Powell, who hosted a gathering.

But it makes for an ideal night to enjoy ice cream. Norilee Schmidt helped organize a gathering in central Sioux Falls.

“We’ve done it every year for probably 10, 15 years just because it’s great to get to know your neighbors,” Schmidt said.

“We have them at churches, we have them at picnic shelters, we have them in driveways: anywhere people wanted to meet, that’s where we’re going to meet them tonight,” Johnson said.

It was the kind of day where shade is especially appreciated, and so is the company.

“We’re just a bunch of nice people,” Powell said.