SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — If you’ve had your fill of potholes, the City of Sioux Falls is now providing a more permanent solution.

A five-man crew is spending its Monday repairing streets in northern Sioux Falls.

“We’re going to hit potholes pretty hard this week,” Street Operations Manager Dustin Hansen said.

As the page turns to May, Street Operations Manager Dustin Hansen says up to six teams are working 10 hour days.

“We just had to use cold mix over the winter, so now we get hot mix and this hot mix will hold a lot better,” Hansen said.

The cold mix served its purpose, but Hansen says hot mix is the superior product.

“With the actual hot mix, it’s got asphalt cement in it and they actually heat up the rock before everything gets made so everything’s between 300-500 degrees, by the time it gets out here it’s more pliable, easy to work with, but then it hardens really fast,” Hansen said.

“This stuff just works a lot better, it’s made for this kind of weather and it sticks in the holes a lot better,” Lead Equipment Operator Casey Gale said.

“Started to warm up, the hot plants are going, now we can tack them and the goal is for them to last all summer,” Gale said.

As crews make their way from intersection to intersection, making repairs big and small, they simply ask for your patience.

“We plowed a ton more this year so it’s definitely way worse, so you guys just have to bear with us and we’re doing the best to get them all filled,” Gale said.

“They took a beating this year, we kind of plowed them to death but everything’s kind of shaping up with the nice weather,” Hansen said.

Making your daily drive a whole lot smoother.

If you find a pothole that needs attention, use the Sioux Falls OneLink app or call the pothole hotline.