SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – The Washington Pavilion’s latest exhibit has literature leaping off the page to educate young families.

For only being in kindergarten, Isaac Opheim is leaping ahead in his reading goals.

“I’m so good at math that my mom bought me a first-grade book,” Isaac Opheim said.

“We homeschool our kids, so reading is like a really big deal: we read a lot,” Mother Elizabeth Opheim said.

Now, for all children, books are leaping off the page in the Washington Pavilion’s new exhibit Storyland: A Trip Through Childhood Favorites.

“It’s all about engaging with your kids, getting them to really interact and immerse themselves in a story,” Museum & Programs Manager Jenna Isaacson said.

Three classic children’s books have been adapted into fully interactive sets: Kids can play in Peter Rabbit’s home, walk through a snow path inspired by ‘A Snowy Day,’ and learn with ‘Spot the Dog.’

“Spot the Dog is all about phonetics, and language, and sensory details. You can play with your kid with Spot to learn about hearing and feeling and touching and seeing different things,” Isaacson said.

Every exhibit is also bilingual for Spanish speakers. Opheim’s mother Elizabeth, says this exhibit doesn’t just appeal to kids but parents as well.

“When they were younger, I think we had all of the books that are out there right now. So, they’re familiar with the stories and it’s kind of fun to play with them,” Opheim said.

“Talking about the words, repeating things, going over the story again and again. Those are all really helpful to encourage literacy with your children,” Isaacson said.

While there are many words to be found in this exhibit, Opheim only has three to describe it.

“Play is fun,” Opheim said.

Families have until May 30 to immerse themselves in Storyland.