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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Firefighters are looking to respond more efficiently to emergencies around Sioux Falls and the surrounding area, all with the help of a new fire truck.

On Friday, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Station 5 had a ‘push-in’ ceremony to welcome their new fire truck into service, and, in turn, it’s looking to push them further in what they can do for the city.

After reeling in from past incidents such as the downtown building collapse or the recent March flood, the new rescue engine 5 is looking to do one thing…

“To make sure we respond effectively to really any type of incident in the city of Sioux Falls we wanted to be able to make sure we had the capability with this truck,” Firefighter Mike Murphy said.

It’s been a three-year process for the rescue team to design how the truck would look and what it would carry. It’s able to hold nearly 3 times the amount of a regular fire truck.

“We’ve got a lot of trench panels for a trench collapse, we’ve got R-D-C, which is a rapid deployment craft, which is one of our water rescue apparatus, there’s an inflatable boat with motor that goes up top – there’s actually a mini crane on top to get some of that stuff off,” Firefighter Dan Wagner said.

And tools that have now been made more efficient due to advances in technology; ones such as hydraulic rescue tools, otherwise known as the jaws of life.’

“Traditionally these tools have been attached to the apparatus via a long hose that supplied power to these tools. With this new technology, these are all supplied with batteries and so with this battery technology, we can grab these tools off the truck and go. We don’t have to worry about dragging that hose behind us and not worry about how far we are away from the truck,” Murphy said showing me the new and improved jaws of life.

“It’s going to greatly enhance our capabilities when we respond to vehicle extractions; everything from the smaller vehicles all the way up to your big rig, semi-truck type accidents. This is going to allow us to be very effective in those areas,” Murphy said.

A bigger truck for a bigger city.

“It’s progressing toward bigger city mentality. Sioux Falls is growing. It’s not a little town anymore,” Wagner said.

“I think it’s really a demonstration that Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is really prepared to respond to any type of disaster, not just a typical structure fire. We’re prepared to help our the citizens of Sioux Falls in whatever way necessary,” Murphy said.

The truck has been in service since Friday and is standing by awaiting the call for help.

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