SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – As we begin to wonder what may come after all of this year’s snow melts, we look back to four years ago when there was historic flooding in many portions of South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. In March 2019, a historic storm moved across the United States bringing blizzards and rain.

On March 15th, 2019, flooding turned into ice obstacles for drivers along Skunk Creek. On top of ice chunks the size of small cars floating across the road, residents near Skunk Creek also had some damage to their homes.

“It was a mess. It was flooded all the way up to the park. Right where you see the waterline is where the flood was. Just about took out the bridge,” said Skunk Creek resident, Steve Shields in 2019.

Crews in Sioux Falls had to push the large ice chunks off the road, clear the pavement and sand the surface — something they weren’t used to doing.

“It’s not typical that you’re removing ice chunks off of the road, but handling ice and snow they do it six months out of the year and they’re experts at it,” said Dustin Hansen, Sioux Falls Street Operations Manager in 2019.

Shields said this was the second worst flood he had seen since 1969.

“A lady lost her trailer down here on the corner. It’s sitting in the field in the trees over here,” said Shields.

“Obviously nobody wants this. It stinks. There’s no, I can’t sugar-coat it. But everybody is really coming together. Not only city employees. The whole community is coming together. People are calling in how they can help. So that’s one good thing about living in the Midwest. We kind of come together when times are tough,” said Hansen.

That same month, the Big Sioux River hit new record crest levels in the Sioux Falls area.