MADISON, S.D. (KELO) – The shutdown of a major pipeline by hackers is on its fifth day. And that’s led to what analysts are calling “unwarranted panic-buying.” So many people are rushing to fill up their gas tanks, that more than a thousand gas stations in the southeastern US have run out of fuel. Government officials say there is no cause for alarm.

From gasoline to health care, we rely on technology every day. That means jobs in cyber security are more important than ever to keep our personal information safe.

Rob Honomichl is an instructor of computer and cyber sciences at Dakota State University.

He says whether it’s the public or private sector there is a demand for workers in cyber security.

“We know that we have lots of government agencies that are looking for people with cyber security and computer science technology backgrounds, but in the private sector everybody is looking at a way to protect information and train employees to be more resilient and making sure they are the first line of defense,” instructor of computer and cyber sciences, Rob Honomichl said.

According to the website, South Dakota has just over 2,000 people employed in the cyber security workforce. There are over 600 job openings.

“I think because of our reliance more on technology everyday, we use it all the time in our personal and professional lives,” Honomichl said.

He says students have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a career path.

“Everything from being a penetration tester where you might get hired by a company to come in and audit their employees and how well they are doing following your security policies to someone who is just looking at vulnerabilities inside hardware or software,” Honomichl says. “On the other side we have our ethical hackers that are being hired to exploit different areas and to look at vulnerabilities in a good way.”

Careers DSU is preparing students for.

“I think the big part is just how innovative our degrees have been, they’ve always stayed cutting edge and being able to take on whatever new technology has been brought into it,” Honomichl said.

Also according to, some of the top job titles in the state are cyber security analyst and vulnerability analyst.