SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – People are assessing the damage left behind from last night’s storm. In central Sioux Falls, the winds took out trees and power lines… knocking out power and blocking off streets.

Cleanup is underway at Augustana University.

Crews are working to remove century-old trees that were uprooted.

“All the trees down, it’s kind of crazy really, a lot of these trees are really big and really old and went down with some wind so it’s crazy seeing it this morning,” student, Caleb James said.

Power lines are down on 33rd Steet.

Shayla White, who lives near the Elmen Center, says she had to take a different route to school today.

“I usually take 33rd to get to class but now I have to go south, all the way around, or go north of campus,” student, Shayla White said. “My house didn’t have power last night, I had to stay over at a friend’s house, I went back this morning and we have power back, the power went out right when the storm started.”

Some students were still on campus when the storm hit.

“I was actually at the library which is just behind me and I was sitting next to some big windows and all of a sudden the sky just turned black, and we heard the wind before we saw anything, all the lights in the library started to flicker and that is when we started to see everything fly past the window and that’s when we went to the center in the basement of the library,” student, Josephine Kassube said.

Rick Tupper, the associate vice president said the university kept students updated.

“We learned that about an hour before that storm hit and once the storm hit we continued to give updates and give out information,” associate vice president, Rick Tupper said.

It’s a storm students say they won’t forget any time soon.

“Completely uprooted in the middle of campus, I’ve never seen anything like that,” Kassube said.

Tupper says the south side of campus lost power and they had to close the Elmen Center, plus relocated baseball tournaments.