SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — An organization dedicated to protecting a local waterway is attempting to raise money for its cause.

The Big Sioux River is starting to cut through the ice as Friends of the Big Sioux River is set to host its second Big Sioux Film Festival.

“It’s a night to celebrate the river, educate the community on what’s happening with our river but also show four, short documentaries around water quality issues in other communities that relate to what we’re seeing here on the Big Sioux River,” Friends of the Big Sioux River Managing Director Travis Entenman said.

Travis Entenman is the organization’s managing director and says the State Theatre provides the ideal setting for the fundraiser.

“Film is really engaging. We’re able to really show a narrative and really show the impacts of water quality in a fun, interesting way,” Entenman said.

“A film festival like this that promotes a vibrant river that is a big economic draw for Sioux Falls is kind of a no-brainer for us to help them out,” State Theatre General Manager Steven Dahlmeier said.

Steven Dahlmeier is the general manager at the State Theatre. He’s also an avid kayaker and former president of Friends of the Big Sioux River.

“Seeing what the river quality is right now and knowing where we hopefully can get it in the future, that’s what got me excited about it and got me involved in Friends of the Big Sioux River,” Dahlmeier said.

The dollars raised will help Friends of the Big Sioux River fulfill its mission of educating the community.

“Being a small nonprofit, we’ve found our niche in the education and awareness piece. We don’t have the overhead or the staff or the resources to really do the on-the-ground projects but we do have partner organizations doing that work, so we want to help bring folks to those partnering organizations to really highlight what they’re doing and help bring more resources to them to really have a larger impact,” Entenman said.

A team effort to help clean up the Big Sioux River.

A silent auction is already underway, but the Big Sioux Film Festival is Thursday night from 5:30 to 8:30 at The State Theatre.