SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Women are doing more and more in the corporate world and entering leadership roles than ever before. That’s the message from tonight’s keynote speaker at the Women in Business conference in Sioux Falls.

Kim Lear of Minneapolis speaks at about 50 events each year.

She doesn’t consider herself a motivational speaker, but rather more of a researcher and writer using a mix of data, storytelling, and humor to discuss the trends of how women are impacting the bottom line of organizations.

“What I try to do to give context for what has changed, why has it changed, what has stayed the same,” Lear said.

One thing that’s changed Lear says is women are making their own way in the business world.

“Right now the majority of PhD holders, graduate degree holders, the majority of undergrad students are women, 70% of high school valedictorians are young women, young women are launching into the market place and work place more successfully than young men” Lear said.

The Sioux Falls Convention Center is hosting a trade show featuring a lot of businesses run by women that’s part of today’s event.

It’s also where Lear will be speaking tonight.

Ironically one of the things Lear is going to be talking about that impacts women, the changing roles of men.

“Fathers today, the expectations are really different and also the desire and cravings from young fathers are really different and they are much more present on the home front,” Lear said. “Some of these huge gains that women have made some could absolutely argue some of those gains were made possible because of how the story of masculinity and fatherhood have changed as well.”

This event is organized each year to honor area women who are leaving their mark on the business world.

Some of the past speakers for the event include Erin Brockovich, Jane Seymour, Mary Lou Retton, and Elizabeth Smart.

If you’re interested in attending the trade show or the event, click here.