SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls City Council and Minnehaha County Commission held a joint meeting Tuesday night with one thing on the agenda, the future of a new dog breeding kennel in the area.

The vote between the city council and county commission was unanimous to approve a conditional use permit for the dog breeding kennel located just west of Sioux Falls on Highway 38.

The Sioux Falls area will soon have a new dog breeder owned by Jeremy and Rebekah Schelhaas. Jeremy’s parents are retiring from their longtime dog breeding business near Pipestone, Minnesota, and the couple would like to take that over and move it to their current property.

The Schelhaas’ do have three dogs for breeding now, but they could have up to 16-20 once they build the new kennel.

“We’re planning on taking down this old pig barn. Right now, we use it to dry out our wood that we burn for heat. And putting up a pole type Morton building to be totally enclosed and have up to 20 dogs, taking over their business and then combining it with what we have now. And we’d have the kennels, it’d be a heated floor. We’d have the kennels all inside,” Rebekah said.

There were some concerns from a neighbor about excessive noise and odor from the kennel at the first joint meeting back in November, but that has all been addressed by the owners.

“We’ve been looking into changing it so we can address the noise issue by having all the kennels and runs inside the building so it would be insulated, and you really wouldn’t hear anything outside the building,” Rebekah said.

“Looking at putting in a septic system underground for the facility so that any odors should not be a problem. I think our cows will smell more than the dog area will,” Jeremy said.

Another neighbor who lives only 220 feet from the proposed kennel spoke in favor of it at the joint meeting.

“I just think that what they’re doing is real honorable, and they’re trying to be very honest and open with everybody, and I would ask for you guys to approve it,” neighbor Ron Goemen said.

And now that the permit has been approved, they plan to start building as soon as they can so it’s ready by later this spring.

“We’re super excited. To get the opportunity to continue the family business. Jeremy’s parents have been raising dogs for over 30 years, so we’re excited to continue that,” Rebekah said.

While the conditional use permit was approved unanimously, it did come with an additional condition that the permit applies to this applicant only and no future owner of the dog kennel.

The Schelhaas’ currently own the business “West Falls Family Pups,” but once they expand, they may change the name to “Schelhaas Family Puppies,” which is the name of the breeder Jeremy’s parents own.