RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — The Rapid City area school district is helping 8th Graders learn about different career opportunities before they consider their path after high school.

95 different vendors lined the Monument, offering a variety of future career paths for 8th grade students.

“Just walking around it’s kind of cool to just see what options I have for the future and I get to decide my own path and choose what kind of career I want. And it helps me focus on what a good option would be for my life and my future.” West Middle School 8th Grader Connor Broomfield Said

“We are really exposing all students, you know, with what our workforce needs across the United States. Being able to highlight different careers and showing them their offerings I think is really our ultimate goal in helping them to start thinking about their career paths at this point.” College and Career Readiness Manager Bobbie Jo Donovan Said

This year marks the 8th consecutive year that Rapid City Area School District has been able to host the 8th Grade Career Fair. Where they invite all those middle schoolers in the 8th grade from inside Rapid City and have even expanded to inviting those from Douglas Middle School and Stagebarn Middle School.

With so many options available, students can find what speaks to them.

“Being a dentist, I’ve never really thought about it, but seeing that is kind of interesting and you get to use all this cool equipment, I just think it’s kind of cool.” Broomfield Said

Several universities also attended the event to show the kids where their careers can start.

“Just for the mere fact that students can then see if they’re interested in a career that does require some type of post secondary that they know what their options are and what the offers are across the state.” Donovan Said

This is an opportunity for doors to open for every student.

All students take some sort of career exploration in school and this event helps provide a hands-on introduction.